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last call

Toast to a Loved One


A tradition we started at McBride’s is to honor someone that “as the song goes’ gone to the promised land. Every night at 10pm we ring the bell for Last Call, not to close the Pub, but to read off the name of a loved one who’s family or friends has requested, that we read their name for Last Call. The Pub then raises a glass and toasts to the loved one. The name of the person who was honored for Last Call has their name written in a permanent book and if their loved ones are present, they can write a short message in the book. To request a Last Call for a loved one, just go to the "contact us" section, fill in the person you would like to honor and a sentence about that person . Please let us know if will be present.

Please give us 48 hour notice, Thanks.

Last Call Ledger and Bell