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McBride's Irish Pub

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Let's catch up on OLD times


We're Back!!!!!   We hope everyone has stayed safe through all of this.

McBride's will be open starting Monday, May 18th for take-out and Wednesday, May 20th for Outside Dining.   WELCOME BACK

We will be following all the State and Dept of Health guidelines concerning the Covid-19 . You will be required to sign in and limited to 5 guests at any table. We ask that you respect the social distancing rules and are to wear masks when not eating. Reservations will be in 1 1/2 hour blocks to give all a chance, as we are not allowed to have people waiting. Working together we can start getting back to "Normal". Our goal is to keep everyone health as you start enjoying deserved time out of the house...

Please call 401-751-3000 or 401-751-3001 to check availability and to make reservations. We will try to accommodate everyone's requests


New Hours

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday     noon to 8 pm

Thursday, Friday and Saturday noon to 10 pm

Reservation Times

Noon to 1:30

1:45 to 3:15

3:30 to 5

5;15 to 6:45

7:00 to 8:30 (Thurs, Fri. & Sat.)

8:30 to closing  (Thurs, Fri & Sat.)

Food & Drink Menu

Please click here to get an updated menu and drinks. 

Our Beginnings

McBride's in Ireland - McBride's in Providence

McBride's Pub was created from the former nine car garage of the Monahan, Drabble & Sherman Funeral Home. In recent years, as the funeral business changed, the need for many vehicles decreased. Brothers Mark and Bob Russell realized that their old garage needed a new purpose.

In 2005, Mark and Bob visited Ballyjamesduff, Ireland. Their travels took them to McBride's Pub, a small local establishment. Behind the pub, was McBride's Funeral Home - and, as it turned out, both businesses were owned by two brothers. An idea for the old garage was born: build it into a pub. It seemed natural to name the new pub McBride's as a tip of the cap to the pub they visited in Ireland. Photos from the original McBride's Pub are on the walls here.

As Mark and Bob worked on the renovation of the garage, they brought some unique features to their new pub. They restored two stained glass doors that had once been part of the funeral home's smoking room. These doors, originally constructed in the 1930's by Thomas Monahan, featured the "M" crest. They are now hung on either side of the bar, and the "M" has become the logo for McBride's.

Please join us every night at 10pm for "LAST CALL," where one person who has "Gone to the Promised Land" will be toasted and logged into our "LAST CALL" leather book. 

McBRIDE’S PUB is proud to support 2 local charities - FRIENDS WAY and DAY ONE.      Purchase a plaque to be placed on the back of a stool ($100) or back of a chair ($50) for one year as a way of supporting FRIENDS WAY and DAY ONE.  All proceeds are split 50/50 and go directly to these 2 organizations. A plaque with your name on it will be placed on the stool or chair for one year as a way of saying thank you, not a reservation for the seat!   FRIENDS WAY (Families Reaching Into Each New Day) is the only family bereavement center in Rhode Island, serving families throughout Southeastern New England. Staffed with highly qualified mental health care professionals and extensively trained community volunteers, we provide peer support to children and their families in a safe and nurturing environment. Our services are free to all families, with 100% of our program funded through fundraising activities and community support.   DAY ONE is the only agency in Rhode Island that is specifically organized to deal with issues of sexual assault as a community concern. We provide treatment, intervention, education, advocacy, and prevention services to Rhode Islanders of all ages—from preschool children to elderly adults. Additionally, they advocate for public policy initiatives and systemic changes that positively impact how Rhode Island families handle sexual abuse cases.  

Check with the bartender or server for more information  

Please enjoy yourself, the food, and the atmosphere and COME AGAIN! 

Bob, Mark, Janet, Jennifer and Stephanie Russell 


Last call

Toast to a Loved One

A tradition we started at McBride’s is to honor someone that “as the song goes’ gone to the promised land. Every night at 10pm we ring the bell for Last Call, not to close the Pub, but to read off the name of a loved one who’s family or friends has requested, that we read their name for Last Call. The Pub then raises a glass and toasts to the loved one. The name of the person who was honored for Last Call has their name written in a permanent book and if their loved ones are present, they can write a short message in the book. To request a Last Call for a loved one, just go to the "contact us" section, fill in the person you would like to honor and a sentence about that person . Please let us know if will be present.

Please give us 48 hour notice, Thanks.


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McBride's Irish Pub

McBride's Irish Pub 161 Wayland Ave Providence, RI 02906 US

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